This is a Wiki set up for translating Culdcept DS into English.

(98% means that we only have double-checking left. If you see a mistake when playing the game, please submit a suggestion or fix. Thanks!)

For now we have following pages for translation:
Maps (98% complete)
Crests_List (98% complete)
Card_List (98% complete)
Story_Script (98% complete)
Help_Script (98% complete)
Taunts0_Script (98% complete)
Taunts1_Script (98% complete)
Taunts2_Script (98% complete)
Taunts3_Script (98% complete)
Taunts4_Script (98% complete)
Taunts5_Script (98% complete)
Taunts6_Script (98% complete)
Taunts7_Script (98% complete)
Taunts8_Script (98% complete)
Taunts9_Script (98% complete)
Taunts10_Script (98% complete)
Taunts11_Script (98% complete)
Tutorial (98% complete)
Menus (97% complete/Entry #1056 translated correctly?)
Shrine_Effects (98% complete)

Missing_text (add remaining Japanese text you see in game, but not in Wiki here)

Be sure to read "read me" or "info" sections of each page before translating - those sections contain important information.

Translation discussion:

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