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Japanese text

Maps 0-10

Title Description
0 Roka, Fort City A simple map. Travel

in either direction, gaining territory as you go!

1 Port Sneff A map divided into 2

halves. Take note of the land when trying to form chains.

2 Karin Mountains An X-shaped map.

When the path leads to a dead end, turn around to advance.

3 Goza Desert You can turn around

in 2 places on this map. Keep the layout in mind when moving.

4 Kelder, Icy Village Each of the 3 rings

on this map is a new area.

5 Talio Village A large, circular map.

Making a lap takes a while, so use your cards carefully.

6 Gilman Volcano A map with Portals,

which teleport you to another location when landed on.

7 Bisteam Forest This map has many

turning points, making it easy to make a wrong turn.

8 Nabath Ruins The key to victory

on this map is to utilize lands in the dead end paths.

9 Dark Abyss A huge map divided

into 2 halves. Lands near the Castle are the most valuable.

10 Arena 1 An average-sized

map in the shape of a talisman.

Maps 11-17

Title Description
11 Arena 2 A map designed for

quick battles. Very few places to move.

12 Arena 3 A map that branches

into the shape of a grid.

13 Arena 4 Each of the 3 rings

on this map holds an identical Fort.

14 Arena 5 A map containing 2

rings, each having its own Castle.

15 Arena 6 This map has several

Forts of the same type. The inner lands are of high value.

16 Arena 7 A simple map in the

shape of an 8. Pick your route based on the situation.

17 Arena 8 A shuriken-shaped

map. The long way is the same distance as the short way.