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This is a dump of script for Culdcept DS 's in-battle enemies' taunts.
Be sure to check if translated text fits into ingame dialog UI if possible. (and split to several lines accordingly)
{07} Characters makes game to stop outputting text and wait for user input to continue
{03}2/ Is substituted with name.

These taunts belong to the character Goligan (ゴリガン).

Entries 0-9

ID Japanese Translation
0 私で、お役に立てますかな? Can I really be of use?
1 ついに私にも、セプター能力が


Finally, I will gain the powers of a Cepter!
2 今までかくして来ましたが


I've come this far,

and this is what I can do!

3 {03}2/殿、


Master {03}2/,

you're quite diligent, aren't you!

4 みなさん、そんなことでは


Everyone, we need to do more to protect the peace of the country!
5 まあ、そうおこらずに…


Oh well…

I guess these things happen.

6 我々、いい調子ですな We're looking pretty good, aren't we?!
7 1位をゆずってもいいですが…


I'll let you take first place,

but not for your sake!

8 実際に戦って見ると、その厳しさが


Actually seeing these battles, the severity…

Can you see it?

9 お力になれず、申し訳ありません I'm very sorry I couldn't help you.

Entries 10-19

ID Japanese Translation
10 う~む、さすがですな Hmm, there's a long way to go.
11 さて、そろそろ


Alright, I'll soon be able to see the victor's chair!
12 もう少しなのですが…


Just a bit more…

But it looks a little too weak.

13 やはり、見ている方が


And now, things look better still.

This is easy…

14 私にもアドバイスしてくれる


Can you give me advice?

I want to go there…

15 おや、クリーチャーが手札にいません Oh, the creature is out of my hands now.
16 {03}2/殿なら、


Now Master {03}2/,

what will you do?

17 ううむ… I couldn't…
18 レベルアップすると、土地の価値が…{07}…もう、おわかりですね? When leveled up, the value of land…

Do you get it?

19 いやあ、これほど気分のいいものとは


Wow, I didn't know I could feel this good!

Entries 20-29

ID Japanese Translation
20 これが連鎖というものです! I've formed a chain!
21 ここを取られるとは…


If this is taken…

You've been warned, guys!

22 でりゃあ! Hyaaa!
23 これなど…いかがかな? How would you like this?
24 申し訳ありませんが…


I'm quite sorry…

I'll take that!

25 まあ、そうあせらずに Well, you shouldn't hurry.
26 甘かったようですな That was sweet.
27 なかなか、手堅い守りですなあ That was quite a sturdy defense.
28 {03}5/では、だめか… {03}5/,

so useless…

29 私では安心できませんか…


You can't relax when I'm around…

There's nothing you can do!

Entries 30-39

ID Japanese Translation
30 ううむ…さすがです… I didn't… really…
31 わざわざ、すみませんなあ Oh bother, I'm sorry.
32 次からは、ここに注意してくだされ Next time, remember this.
33 してやられました… I've been had!
34 なんたることぢゃああ~! How terrible!
35 そんな手もありますか… Can you do it that way?
36 目標値を達成しましたぞ!


I've achieved the goal!

I should get back to the castle!

37 目標値を達成しましたぞ!


I've achieved the goal!

What's the best way back to the castle?

38 もう少し戦いたかったのですが… I wanted to fight a little longer, but oh well…
39 お役に立てましたかな? Was I able to help at all?

Entries 40-40

ID Japanese Translation
40 私が勝ってしまうとは、何か申し訳


I thought I could win!

I'm upset that I didn't…