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This is a dump of script for Culdcept DS 's in-battle enemies' taunts.
Be sure to check if translated text fits into ingame dialog UI if possible. (and split to several lines accordingly)
{07} Characters makes game to stop outputting text and wait for user input to continue
{03}2/ Is substituted with name.

These taunts belong to the character Najaran (ナジャラン).

Entries 0-9

ID Japanese Translation
0 よーし、がんばろー! Alright!

Let's do this!

1 ぜったい負けないからね! There's no way I'm gonna lose!
2 お? 楽勝っぽいじゃない!


Oh? Looks like an easy win!

Should we take a lunch break while we still can?

3 わたしたち、いい感じじゃない?


This feels good, doesn't it,


4 えへへ、すこし待ってあげようか?


Teeheehee! You want me to slow down?

I will if you buy me dinner!

5 ここらが、勝負の分かれ目だね! This here is the turning point of the game!
6 いい勝負になってきたね! This match just got intense!
7 待ってなさい!!

腹ごしらえしたら、 すぐ追い付いてやるからっ!

Please wait!

I’ll catch up after I have a snack!

8 なんとかしてよ~ We'll do it somehow…
9 くやしい!


Oh no!

Concentrate attacks there!

Entries 10-19

ID Japanese Translation
10 もう1手あれば、追いつけるのに… All I need is one more chance…
11 相手は油断してるみたいよ!


My opponent is fumbling!

Here's my chance!

12 わたしがあのカードを引いた時が最期よ


You were doomed from the moment I drew that card,


13 力が出ないわ…


I have no energy…

I should have eaten breakfast…

14 {03}2/との差は…


The difference between…

Ugh! I don't even wanna know!

15 なぜだ・・・



Why don't I have a creature card?!

16 さて・・・どの手で行くか Well then, how should I attack first?
17 フッ、いい考えが浮かびそうだ Heh, looks like a good idea.
18 下ごしらえは充分にね! You better get ready!
19 みんな~!


Hey everyone!

Stopping here is the best!{07}… for me!

Entries 20-29

ID Japanese Translation
20 うんうん、おいしいところが取れたわ! Yeah, I've chosen a delicious place!
21 いっただきま~す!!


Try all you want!

I'm not gonna give it up!

22 これでもくらえっ!! Let's eat it!
23 ここは・・・これだっ! Here…

This is it!

24 ここはわたしにまかせてよ! Leave this to me!
25 さっすが{03}5/


Haha {03}5/!

Tonight, we barbecue!

26 わたしの{03}5/を


Don't bully my {03}5/!
27 そんな攻撃じゃ、

わたしの{03}5/は 倒せないわよ!

An attack like that won't take down my {03}5/!
28 こらっ、{03}5/!


Hey, {03}5/!

You aren't getting your dinner tonight!

29 よっくもわたしの

{03}5/を~っ! ゆるさないからっ!

How dare you hurt my {03}5/!

I'll get you for that!

Entries 30-39

ID Japanese Translation
30 まいどあり~!


As always, let's not have any hard feelings!
31 えっへっへ、けっこう持ってるじゃない! Heheheh…

You've got it pretty good, haven't you?!

32 うひゃあ! こんなにいいの?


Uffah! Is this much okay?

Thank you very much!

33 ううっ! Uff!
34 あとでかならず取り返すからね! It's okay, I'll just get it back later!
35 うっぎゃ~!

うそでしょ? うそでしょ!?


No way… no way!

36 くそっ・・・このままではすまさんぞ! F…

Sorry about this!

37 よ~し、城までダッシュよ! Alright!

Run to the castle!

38 あ~!


I'll lose if I don't do something!
39 あなたのおかげで勝てたわ!


I'm winning because of you!


Entries 40-40

ID Japanese Translation
40 いぇ~い、勝っちゃった!


Hey hey! I won!

Barbecue party tonight!