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This is a dump of script for Culdcept DS 's in-battle enemies' taunts.
Be sure to check if translated text fits into ingame dialog UI if possible. (and split to several lines accordingly)
{07} Characters makes game to stop outputting text and wait for user input to continue
{03}2/ Is substituted with name.

These taunts belong to the characters Sebastian (セバス) and Poco-Poco (ポコポコ).

Entries 0-9

ID Japanese Translation
0 みんなで力をあわせて、がんばろう! We'll put our strength together, and take this battle!
1 ポッポコポー! Poco-Poco-Po-!
2 がんばろうね、ポコポコ! We will persevere, Poco-Poco!
3 ポコッ! Poco!
4 このままいけば、ぼくら勝てそうだね At this pace, we will win in no time!
5 ポコ~ Poco!
6 {03}2/さんが味方なら


I'm glad {03}/2 is our ally!
7 オレの野望にまた一歩近づいたぜ! One step closer to my goal!
8 オレの野望が叶う時は近い! I've almost reached my goal!
9 何か言った? What did you say?

Entries 10-19

ID Japanese Translation
10 {03}2/ってやつ、


This {03}2/ guy…

He's doing pretty good!

11 いい天気だな~ It's nice out today!
12 子供は気楽だぜ…ブツブツ This child is so carefree…
13 気をぬくなって?わかってるさ Have you let your guard down?
14 {03}2/~!



I'm not dead yet, now c'mon!

15 ポ…ポコポコ? Po… Poco-Poco?
16 みんなで力をあわせれば、


If everyone works together, we'll turn this around!
17 ポコポコ~! Poco-Poco!
18 うん、ありがとう


Yeah, thanks!

Now let's do it!

19 よしっ!



Just a little more and I'll be number one!

Entries 20-29

ID Japanese Translation
20 ポッコポコ~! Poco-Poco!
21 こいつら、子供相手に本気かよ…


These fools…

Are these kids really going to fight?

22 ぼく…がんばる! I… I can do it!
23 残念…使えるカードが無いよ Too bad…

I can't use anything.

24 え~と…どうしようかな Umm…

What should I do next?

25 ポコポコ、知恵をかしてよ! Poco-Poco, help me out here!
26 (たまにゃ~じぶんで考えろよ!) (Think for yourself sometimes!)
27 レベルアップ! Level up!
28 みんな、ここに止まってくれないかな… I wish everyone would just


29 ずいぶん土地が集まったよ! Wow, I have quite a bit of land!

Entries 30-39

ID Japanese Translation
30 これで魔力がたくさんもらえるね! I can gain lots of magic with this!
31 ポコポコポ~! Poco-Poco!
32 えいっ! Got it!
33 これでも使ってみようかな I guess I'll use this.
34 ここはオレたちに任せときな! Leave it to us!
35 やった~っ! Did it!
36 ここはぼくに任せてよ! C'mon, leave it to me!
37 あぶないところだったね More dangerous than you thought, huh?
38 チッ、頑固なやつだ! Wow, this guy is persistent!
39 やっぱりだめか… I knew it wouldn't work…

Entries 40-49

ID Japanese Translation
40 本気で来るんだもん… You're playing too hard on us…
41 こ…ここを取られると


I… if I lose this,

it's over…

42 ラッキー! Lucky!
43 悪いな…グハハハ! That's bad… GWAAH!
44 わーい!



I got a lot of magic!

45 ポッポコポ~! Po-Pocopo!
46 こんなの、平気だい! This doesn't hurt!
47 そんな…ひどいよ… That… that's cruel…
48 お母さん… Mom…
49 ゲロムカつくんだよおっ! I freakin' hate you!

Entries 50-56

ID Japanese Translation
50 やってらんね~ぜ! I can't do this anymore!
51 お城に戻れば、ぼくらの勝ちだよ! If we return to the castle, we win!
52 このまま、お城に戻ればいいんだね! We should get back to the castle, and quick!
53 急げよ、セバス!


Hurry up, Sebastian!

You're getting in {03}2/'s way!

54 あ~面白かった!


Ah, that was fun!

Let's play again sometime.

55 ウハハハハッ!



I'm on top of the world!

56 ポコポコ!? Poco-Poco?!