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This is a dump of script for Culdcept DS 's in-battle enemies' taunts.
Be sure to check if translated text fits into ingame dialog UI if possible. (and split to several lines accordingly)
{07} Characters makes game to stop outputting text and wait for user input to continue
{03}2/ Is substituted with name.

These taunts belong to the character O'Riley (オライリ).

Entries 0-9

ID Japanese Translation
0 ここら全部を


This whole area…

It's going to be my flower garden!

1 ここを全部、


This entire area will be my flower garden!
2 楽しい気分になってきただよ~ I'm in a much better mood now.
3 おらたちの花を増やすだーよ Let's make our flowers… grow!
4 おらの花を増やすだーよ I'm making my flowers… grow!
5 みんな、おらの事は気にしねえでくんろ You can't ignore me now, can you?
6 {03}2/さんよ、知ってただか?おらたち、勝ってるだよ! Hey (03)2/, did you know?

…that I'm winning?!

7 もしかして…おら、勝ってるだか? Could it be…

that I'm winning?

8 {03}2/さんよ、


Wait a second, {03}2/!
9 まあ、のんびり行けばいいだよ Well, that was easy.

Entries 10-19

ID Japanese Translation
10 おら、のんびり行くだよ Hey, take it easy.
11 もうちょいで、1番だなや A little more and I'll be ahead.
12 見ろ、おらの花、きれいだろ? Look at all the flowers.

Aren't they beautiful?

13 頭がぼうっとしてきただ… I wasn't thinking…
14 みんな、好き勝手しやがって!


You've been kinda selfish,

and I don't like it!

15 ここ取りてえのに、カードがねえだ… This isn't the card I wanted…
16 いい考えが!…


An idea!…

I had forgotten all about this.

17 おらの花よ、なんかいい考え、ねえだか? My precious flowers…

You're happy, aren't you?

18 土地は手入れが大切なんだな I've fortified an important land.
19 ここに止まって欲しいと、


I think I'll stop here and talk to my flowers…

Entries 20-29

ID Japanese Translation
20 ほ~ら、土地が増えてきただ! See that?

I've got more land now!

21 おら、全部の土地に花を植えるだよ! I'm going to cover all the land with flowers!
22 行くだよー!! Take it!
23 やるだよー!! It's yours!
24 思ったより、弱かっただな Just as I thought, a little weak.
25 土地は簡単にゃわたせねえだよ The land was easily taken.
26 あぶねえあぶねえ…


Go to sleep… go to sleep…

And don't wake up!

27 ありゃー!



I just went and lost!

28 あう…



I'm losing some land…

29 収穫、収穫! Give me more! More!

Entries 30-39

ID Japanese Translation
30 その土地、耕しておいてよかっただ This land, I think I'll farm here.
31 うひゃ~!



It's filled with power!

32 ここには、止まりたくなかっただ I didn't want to stop here…
33 バカやっちまっただよ…


Now you look foolish…

And rude…

34 ひどいだよ!



You're making the flowers angry!

35 どっひゃ~!


Oh no!

It's gone…

36 おや…おら、何かされただか? Hey… hey!

What happened?

37 {03}2/さんよ、


{03}2/, we should get back to the castle, fast!
38 早くお城に戻るだよ! I need to get back to the castle!
39 {03}2/さんよ


Master {03}2/,

I will stop you!

Entries 40-41

ID Japanese Translation
40 ここは、おらたちの大農園になっただよ! This place has become a garden!
41 お祝いに、みんなの背中にも


To celebrate, I'm going to put flowers in the back of everyone!